8 Ayurvedic Herbs That Support Cognitive Function And Mental Clarity

Gotu kola, which has been demonstrated to combat oxidative stress, is a herb that is acclaimed for its ability to promote mental clarity.

Written by: Sambhav Kumar Updated at: 2022-12-17 12:30

The Ayurvedic pharmacopoeia contains a number of reliable plants that have been used for decades to deal with stress, calm anxiety, improve attention, and foster a stronger sense of contentment. These kinds of plants are known as nootropics and adaptogens in modern science. These two groups share traits and have additional advantageous effects that support the body's ability to withstand shocks and enhance cognitive performance. Talking to OnlyMyHealth Editorial team, Ganesh Chaudhry, a doctor of ayurveda medicine explains how different herbs support cognitive function.


Tulsi is also known as Queen of the Herbs. If we talk about the Ayurvedic plant cabinet, then tulsi is the most trusted herb when it comes to boost mental clarity.

Similar to how antidepressant drugs work, tulsi contains antioxidant qualities, and is believed to decrease cortisol levels, and affect brain neurochemistry. Tulsi can boost mental clarity, improve memory, strengthen nerve tissue, and reduce nervous stress.

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Gotu Kola

Gotu kola, which has been demonstrated to combat oxidative stress, is another herb that is acclaimed for its ability to promote mental clarity. Recent research has clarified the herb's efficacy in helping patients with memory impairments support their cognitive function.


Dr  Chaudhry suggests that the herb ashwagandha may help people with memory problems as well as those who just need a mental boost. The plant is thought to prevent the development of beta-amyloid plaques, which are thick, soluble protein clumps that occur between nerve cells (neurons). Since ancient times, Ayurvedic physicians have utilised ashwagandha to reduce stress, boost energy, and sharpen focus.


Ayurvedic physicians link a problem with energy levels impacted by stress to an inability to concentrate. "Bacopa is one of the more well-known plants that traditionally supports memory, mood, and focus, as well as  lessens anxiety", says Dr Ganesh.  

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Turmeric is primarily employed in Ayurveda as a therapeutic agent, particularly for inflammation and infections, even though most westerners think it belongs in the kitchen spice cabinet. It also deals with the state of weakened memory or focus known as "brain fog." When you have brain fog, you don't feel like yourself and can't think clearly. Researchers claim that turmeric may help with neurological disorders, including depression and migraine headaches, all of which are known to contribute to mental weariness.


Because of its shankh (or conch-shaped) blossoms, this plant is known as Shankhpushpi. The plant is a consistently effective memory enhancer and brain tonic that helps to stimulate cognition, affect the central nervous system, and improve intelligence.


Scientists have reported to the National Institutes of Health that gGuduchi has significantly improved IQ scores and significantly improved behaviour in children with mild to moderate mental deficits and behavioural abnormalities.


Vitamin C has been linked to cognitive abilities like memory, language proficiency, math, and orientation, according to an Australian study. Vitamin C is crucial for brain function and may help prevent dementia and cognitive decline. Additionally, researchers have found that vitamin C aids in the recovery process after traumatic brain injury.

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