7 Areas Where You Should Never Use A Tweezer

Here are 7 Areas where you should never use a tweezer on.

Written by: Charu Sharma Updated at: 2021-07-03 11:30

Perfectly shaped brows have the power to give our face a more structured look and help us to enhance our features. For many of us tweezers have been a go to option when we didn't get the time for that parlour appointment and had a party to attend and of course due to the current pandemic when going to the parlour is a distant dream. Although tweezers have been every woman's quick fix to tweak those eyebrows and to get rid of those tiny under arm hair left after waxing. Well if you are someone who has looked up to your tweezers to pull out some hair, specially in between these lockdowns where parlours were not even an option anymore you really need to go ahead and read because however easy a solution it might be tweezers can actually have some harmful effects. Here are 7 Areas where you should never use a tweezer on. 

1. Pubic Area

A nice brazillian wax session would be the best way to get rid of the hair down there. As pubic hair is thicker and more coarse than the hair on the other parts of your body, plucking them up with the help of tweezers can be a really painful experience and not a practical idea to remove those pubic hair. Apart from all this plucking hair from the sensitive skin of your pubic region can lead to tender skin, irritation and even some kind of infection.

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2. Gray Hair

No matter where you have those gray strands, your eyebrows, head or even arms, you have to control your urge to pluck them off and if you still can not control yourself, trim them using a pair of scissors instead of plucking them. As you might get rid of these gray hair for once but doing this repeatedly can cause trauma to the hair follicles resulting in bald patches in that area.

3. Armpits

Wax them or shave them but do not pluck those hairs in your underarm area. Although plucking your underarm hair might be less painful than waxing, doing so needs to be avoided at any cost as plucking these coarse and thick hair can be very damaging and might become the cause behind those ingrown hairs. The best alternative to get rid of underarm hair is to wax them.

4. Moles

We understand that the hair which grows around those moles can be really painful and uncomfortable but plucking them would not help but actually worsen the pain by causing injury, and resulting in some kind of infection and inflammation in that area. If you see a hair growing around your mole you can always opt for less painful and really helpful methods like trimming with a pair of scissors and getting the hair out with a laser treatment. These methods are proven to be safer as they do not cause any injury to the surface of the skin and hence reduces the chances of inflammation and infection.

5. Nipples

Now you know that you are not the only one who has that nipple hair and all of us are sailing on the same boat. As your breasts have sensitive skin and the area around your nipples is very tender, plucking hair with the help of tweezers from that region would not just damage your hair follicles but might also result in redness and irritation in that area.

6. Pimples

Stopping yourself from popping those pimples can be hard but restricting yourself from plucking those hair growing around those pimples could be even harder. Using a pair of tweezers to take out the hair around those pimples can result in infectious breakouts and aggravate the activity of bacteria in that area which can be the reason behind even more pimples around that area due to the spread of pus and might result in permanent scarring. 

7. Eyebrows

We can surely understand what you are feeling right now, a little heartbroken to know that the most common area which you used to tweak using your favourite pair of tweezers is not safe anymore. The truth has been spoken and there is no going back, although it can still be used sometimes to get away with some extra hair but using it on a regular basis to maintain the shape of your eyebrows might damage those hair follicles and might make it difficult for your hair to grow back again. Well this does not mean that you cannot shape that bush any longer, you can always go for options like threading and waxing to get the desired eye brow shape and give some time to your eyebrows to heal and grow back before you pluck the hair.

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Although keeping your body hair or getting rid of them is totally your personal choice, here were some of our suggestions on what are some areas of your body where using tweezers to pluck the hair out can be really harmful and could even lead to infection and inflammation. In addition to this make sure that you clean and sanitize your tweezers properly after every use.

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