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Is Fear Of Men Real? Know About Symptoms, Causes And Risk Factors Of This Phobia

Do you know about fear of men? Read to know about this phobia, symptoms and causes of this condition.

Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Nov 18,2021
Updated at: Nov 18,2021

There have been many cases in the past which tell us about the horrible instances happening to women. This is not just limited to harassment but also due to patriarchal norms set by our society which makes it worse for the women. Fear of men is not something which should be encouraged but there is a term for this condition known as androphobia. Androphobia is defined as condition of fear towards men. But interestingly this is not just limited to women; also this is not just to arouse feminism but to create awareness about this condition which might affect your life at different levels. 

What Is Androphobia?

Androphobia is the fear of men or disturbance created by the presence of men. Today to understand this term in detail we have Dr. Tanushri Palwal, Senior Psychologist and Therapist from Swiss Medical Hospital, Kochi. She explains that androphobia happens to both men and women and this is the condition where you may feel disturbance and health problems in your body by just coming in contact with another man. This does not have to do anything with hating men in particular, however it might be a cause in some cases. 

Fear of men is not limited to harassment or patriarchal problems but because of relationships, negligence or some brain functioning. It is also true that most women who have androphobia have experiences some trauma or negative experience which made them fear men. All cases of androphobia are somewhat different because of the condition and mental condition a person may be going through.

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Symptoms of Androphobia

Some symptoms of androphobia may vary, whereas some remain constant. This also depends on the situation of the person and complexity of androphobia. Having symptoms for fear of men can be as follows-

  1. Having anxious behaviour or reaction thinking about men
  2. Panic situation when a man or group of men are near you
  3. Avoiding a male person because of your natural instinct to move away from him
  4. Increase in level of anxiety as proximity of men decrease
  5. Avoiding men and males actively in number of situations and encounters
  6. Feeling fear of encountering men
  7. Trouble carrying out daily activities that include having men nearby
  8. Sweating and chest congestion
  9. Breathing difficulty and rapid heartbeat as males come near you
  10. Nausea, dizziness or condition of fainting when you come in close contact with a man or people

This condition can also occur in children and they might also have fear of men. For them the most common symptoms are avoiding contact of the male parent or men that approach the child. They may often stick to their mothers most of the times. Crying or refusing to come near men can also be a prominent symptom.

What Causes Fear of Men?

Well there could be many possible causes of having fear of men. This is a phobia that develops in people because of irrational behaviour or trigger situation that might have happened in the past. It occurs to more women than men for obvious reasons but it can turn to be problematic if androphobia increases to a level that the person is unable to tolerate presence on men near them.

Androphobia like most other phobia is a long lasting condition that negatively affects your brain and makes it vulnerable to the presence of men around. It affects your social relationships, education, work and general activities as well. 

The exact cause of having fear of men cannot be determined, but according to our expert, androphobia is caused by these conditions-

1. It might be possible because of the past incident the person has faced that involves a man or group of men. This could be because of rape, Harassment, physical assault, mental abuse or physical abuse and sexual harassment. Unfortunately this is one of the major causes resulting to fear of men or androphobia. Because after any of these instances, a woman may lever feel comfortable around a male person.

2. Due to surrounding or conditions around you. There is a strong possibility that phobia of men can be because of what you learn or observe from your surroundings. This means that people having hatred for men or having negative experiences about men can impact your brain due to which you may think likewise and have fear of men.

3. Changes in brain functioning, there are many studies going on for studying brain functions that may result to having fear from a particular section of people. This can be very tricky and cases of problems of brain functioning show different symptoms than others. Also in cases related to brain, it is more likely that a person has androphobia from childhood.

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Risk Factors of developing Androphobia

Androphobia can be more prominent for some particular people or in some situations. Here are the risks of developing androphobia-

  • Having relatives who have this phobia or anxiety because of men
  • People having negative temperament towards men
  • Suffering from past experiences that include some negative incidents with men
  • Hearing about someone experience trauma, harassment, physical abuse, etc from a close family member that the person might have experienced.

Picture Credits- freepik.in, pixabay.com


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