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Suffering From Migraine? Try These Acupressure Points To Relieve Migraine Pain

Acupressure is helpful to release many symptoms related to migraine attack. Know which pressure points can present on your body.

Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Nov 25,2021
Updated at: Nov 25,2021

Migraine can give your throbbing pain in your head and it can be quite exhausting, some people are unable to cope up with the pain without the help of medications. Migraine is a chronic condition which lasts for several years and there are less chances of it to be cured hundred percent. People are not aware of the pressure points present in our body that can actually help you and reduce pain of migraine by just putting acupressure. This could prove to be effective and efficient treatment to cure various levels of migraine attack.

What are acupressure points for migraine?

There are several acupressure points which are used to heal a number of conditions. In most of the conditions migraine actually stimulates on putting pressure on the body. Acupressure points are present on your ears, legs, forehead, back, neck and other parts of the body. It is important to put pressure on the right point to trigger the right nerve aiding to reduce migraine attack or pain. Acupressure helps to relieve pain and can be used as alternative for medications regarding migraine pain. It is important to keep in mind that acupressure is not a actual treatment for migraine attacks.

Acupressure Points for Migraine Attack

1. Pressure points on Ear

Pressure points that are present on the ears can be very handy because it can reduce the pain in a short while. Acupressure applied on the ears is called as auriculotherapy, it focuses on the pressure points present in the ears. It helps in reducing chronic pain which is exerted on the ears. This is an effective remedy in migraine symptoms especially in children. Children often do not want to take many medications and also want instant relief. This acupressure can provide just that.

Pressure points on ear include-

Ear gate- this is present in the top section of the ear where the top meets the temple. It can be an effective way to deal with facial and jaw pain that occurs during migraine. 

Daith- This point is located in the cartilage region in the ears. It can be beneficial in providing relief to the pain exerted by migraine attack. This is done through daith piercing which stimulates acupuncture.

Ear Apex- This is present on the very tip of the ears. It helps to reduce swelling and pain from the ears. This acupressure point is called HN6 or erijan.

2. Pressure Point on Hands

Acupressures present on the hands are really effective and beneficial to reduce throbbing pain caused by migraine attack. It targets directly on the headache and from the point where the migraine pain is getting introduced. Pressure points present on the hands are on index finger and thumb of the person. This acupressure should be tried so that the person is able to deal with migraine attack and reduce the tendency of pain.

3. Pressure points on Foot

There are 3 pressure points which are present on your foot which can help to reduce migraine pain. All three of them have different names for reducing migraine pain.

Great surge- This is the name of the pressure point which is used to elevate pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety caused by migraine attack. It could be very effective in dealing with symptoms of migraine. This acupressure point is present on the second toe around 1-2 inches back from the toes. 

Above Tears- Another position for triggering acupressure on the foot is located between fourth and fifth toe. This position of acupressure is called GB41 and Zulinqi. This also includes migraine episodes including botox injections in some conditions.

Moving points- Another pressure point that decreases pain in jaw and face is moving joint. It is present between second toe and your big thumb. The pressure points are called LV2 and Xingjian.

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4. Third Eye pressure point

The third eye is the location of pressure point which is present in the middle of the forehead. This point is called GV24.5, it can be used in restoring energy and elevate stress in small groups. Acupuncture present at this point could be very beneficial for your health. 

5. Shoulder Well 

This is a well known pressure point which is used for curing many conditions. It sits on the top of each shoulder and then on the back of your neck. This pressure point needs to be pressed simultaneously to reduce pain and stiffness in neck caused by migraine point. Acupressure present on the neck and shoulder top can be a credible point to give relief.

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6. Gates of Consciousness

This pressure point is present at side by side of the hollow areas of the neck. It could be beneficial in the reducing pain and fatigue in the body caused by migraine. Acupressure point meets the muscles to the base of your skull. Pressure point known as gate of consciousness is also known as GB20.

Picture Credits-Pixabay.in


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