5 Reasons Why Health Insurance Is A Must For Youngsters

When you are young, getting health insurance would be the last thing on your mind. But, here’s a little something that you should know about health insurance and its importance across all age groups

Written by: Vani Malik Updated at: 2019-08-23 16:29

Paying rent, doing taxes, paying down payments for newly acquired luxuries may suck out all the fun from the thrill of finally growing up. However, there is much more to growing up and becoming young adults in this fast-paced life. Health insurance is yet another concept where youngsters are often lost. When you thought that growing up is all about spending on various luxuries of life without asking anyone, here’s how health insurance also constitutes to be an essential part of your life decisions. It is common to see youngsters getting lost in the process of deciding on what’s best for them and why. When we talk about youngsters, there is always a risk of several health problems.

With increasing cases of lifestyle-related health issues in people between the age group of 18-30, it is a growing need for everyone to have health insurance. Also, with a rise in cases of several health problems like heart diseases, hypertension, etc. due to the fast-paced working environment, constant pressure of performing at the workplace, it is essential to be ready for the worst. Accidents, diseases, hospitalisation, come unannounced. One may not be able to avert these, but can certainly be prepared for them. You are young and healthy now, and we know you feel invincible, but before you delay buying health insurance, consider these 5 case scenarios. 

In Cases of Accidents and Emergency Care

Let’s face it; emergency medical care is costly in India. At the time of medical emergencies, health insurances come handy as most of the health insurances cover a significant chunk of expenses incurred in emergency hospitalisation. Also, most of the health covers have a set panel of hospitals, making it easier to look for immediate hospitalisation in times of need.

For Yearly Checkups

As we all know, most of the companies in India have mandatory health check-ups for new employees. With you stepping up in the corporate world, it is essential to keep a check on your health. Many health insurances cover complete body check-ups, without the need for paying for the check-ups. Especially for youngsters, health insurances come handy to keep a tab on sudden medical expenses like these. 

For Covering Medical Needs of the Family

For youngsters taking care of their family, the best way to take care of their health is to gift yourself and your family health insurance. One can look for lucrative health insurance plans to cover their family medical needs as well. There may be times when your parents or an older adult in the family may need some medical assistance. Your medical insurance can very well cover their emergency medical expenses without any hassle.

To Cover for Medical Expenses for Illnesses

Youngsters live a fast-paced life, their plans are sudden and can even lead to some emergencies. Here’s when you need to think of a plan to come handy during such exigencies. An unexpected health problem or a significant illness can lead to a disturbed bank balance. With rising health concerns in youngsters, it is essential to be backed with apt health insurance. The insurance comes handy where the premiums pretty much cover the expensive treatment costs.

Less Or No Chances Of Rejection For Insurance

The higher the age bracket, the lower the chances of getting the desired medical insurance. It is always best to acquire medical coverage at a young age to get the required benefit and the cover. There are several benefits for youngsters taking up health insurance. First and foremost, there are fewer tests of health check-ups. The best part here would be a reasonable price in which you can get health insurance owing to the age benefit. So save up for the best and get your hands on the best health insurance.

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