35th Week Of Pregnancy: Why Is It Important? Know Every Aspect Related To It

Know Every Aspect Related To The 35th week Of Pregnancy.

Written by: Tavishi Dogra Updated at: 2020-09-08 16:57

35th Week Of Pregnancy: From the early days of pregnancy, the journey up to the 35th week is very crucial for both the mother and child. But the sooner this time comes near; the restlessness starts increasing due to various changes in a mother's body. That's why women need to be very cautious these days. With the beginning of week 35, it is imperative to take care of the children growing in your womb. Do you know that the doctor gives a possible date of delivery during the 35th week of pregnancy? At this time, it is better to be under doctor's supervision. Learn how to take care of your baby after the 35th week of pregnancy.

Child development during 35th week of pregnancy

Usually, in the 35th week of pregnancy, the baby's organs are fully developed. During this time, the liver and kidneys start producing waste and reduce, hence you may see less movement of the child. Children born on the 35th week have a 99 per cent chance of survival, and their nervous system and circulatory system start functioning fully. Apart from this, the lungs of the child also grow up to 99 per cent.

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What are the changes during the 35th week of pregnancy?

  • In the 35th week of pregnancy, the mother can gain about 24 to 29 pounds. During this time, the uterus grows about 6 inches above the umbilical cord. The baby's head starts moving to the lower part of the pelvis. The mother may have trouble breathing due to a change in the baby's condition. As time progresses, the child will change its location slightly, which will cause shortness of breath.

  • The process of moving the baby's pelvis is called lightening. In this situation, it is normal for you to have frequent urination and also feel a tingling in the pelvic area. This is due to pressure on the pelvic nerves. To get relief from this, you can start practising Kegel exercises (this will make you comfortable to breathe). You may feel leg pain when there is pressure on the pelvic area. During this time of pregnancy, you are advised not to walk too much, to avoid swimming and hard work. 
  • Try to sleep in a comfortable position and relax as much as possible. At this stage of pregnancy, you may experience symptoms such as changing the size of breasts, constipation, indigestion and haemorrhoids.
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What is expected during the 35th week of pregnancy?

  • Doctors call for an examination in the last weeks of pregnancy (as it is the most critical time). During this time, you can learn from the doctor about the health of the baby and make sure that the baby is ready to be born under the head position. The doctor monitors your blood pressure, urine test, and the condition of the baby and recommends you to have a test once a week. 
  • During this time you may have some difficulty in sleeping. It would be best if you tried to sleep by turning on the left side. Slight swelling can be seen on the feet, hands and face. If there are problems like headache and nausea, then it is necessary to go to the doctor immediately. Please stay away from stress; as it may cause urine leakage. Too much laughing can also cause urinary leakage. For this, you can ask your doctor for a Kegel exercise.

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