Can 3000 Calorie Diet Help In Weight Gain? Know Possible Benefits

People those who want to gain weight can choose 3000 calorie diet, here are some benefits you should know before.

Written by: Puru Bansal Updated at: 2022-04-04 17:25

Dietary needs can be different for every individual. Some people tend to consume more food, whereas some of them have less. A standard 2000 calorie diet is what everybody usually takes and considers healthy. But what about those skinny people who are malnutrition or do not have adequate amount of muscle mass on their body. There are people who actually want to gain weight and improve their body structure. This cannot be done without the help of a proper diet. A 3000-calorie diet is almost 1.5 times more than what is needed for an average man. Not everyone should be encouraged to eat a 3000-calorie diet. There are factors that need to considered for every diet plan, let us know about them and benefits of consuming this diet.  

Who Should Follow a 3000-calorie diet plan? 

We spoke to clinical nutritionist Ms. Shilpa Singh from Fatima Hospital, Lucknow to know about 3000-calorie diet plan and how does it work. Average person need 1600 to 2400 calories per day for women and men need approximately 2000-3000 calories in a day. However, there are some people, such as athletes and high skilled labor who needs calories than an average person does.


Nutritionist explains that there are four factors that play a very big role in determining the number of calorie count.  

  1. Gender- Women who generally burned 5 to 10% fewer calories than men under the same height like men need to intake more calories. 
  2. Age- When you are young, then you need to probably more calories than rest of the people older than you. People of age between 20 to 35 need most number of calories. 
  3. Height- It is a lesser-known fact that, taller you are, the more calories you need. 
  4. Activity- The amount of exercise and activities you do in a day needs to be fitted according to the calorie count. 

Can 3000 calorie-diet help you gain weight?

While most people like to lose weight because of their heavy figure, some of them like to gain it. A 3000-calorie diet does not assure you that you can gain weight but it can help you get more nutrition. Consuming 3000 calories does not mean you eat some fast food, junk food, or any other type of high calorie foods. Healthy weight gain can only be successful if you intake right number of fruits and Vegetables that can improve your health. Increasing healthy muscle mass is important, otherwise it can lead to Obesity. Depending on your activity level and body size, 3000 calories may be greater than your current calorie needs. Therefore, you need to increase your calorie count, gradually according to the recommendation by dietician or nutritionist.  

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What is safe Weight Gain? 

Weight gain can be very tricky because more than necessary amount of calories can lead to health complications. According to different studies an acceptable rate of weight gain is around 0.5 to 2 pounds per week. But people that are very malnourished May gain weight for around 4.4 pounds that is two kg per week. Rapid weight gain can lead you to health complications and side effects such as bloating, stomach distress and fluid retention. If you are athlete, then it can hinder with your performance and create an obstacle with your workout and practice.  

Benefits of 3000 calorie diet 

  • There are some benefits that are associated with 3000 calorie diet- 
  • It improves the muscle mass of the body, which is very important. 
  • It helps you build right muscle size and strength. 
  • This diet can help you with severe infections and complications. 
  • It helps in recovery from infection and diseases. 
  • Right, adequate amount of nutrition for those who need it the most. 
  • Makes you gain weight in a very steady and gradual process that does not harm your body.

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