Alcohol Effects On Baby’s Brain Development Explained By Dr Rita Bakshi

Alcohol is being increasingly consumed by youngsters these days, which affects the quality of their eggs and sperms

Dr. Rita Bakshi
Written by: Dr. Rita BakshiUpdated at: Feb 19, 2020 13:27 IST
Alcohol Effects On Baby’s Brain Development Explained By Dr Rita Bakshi

There is no doubt in the fact that the baby is entirely dependent on the mother for the nutritional needs which determine his/her health condition. The mother must take exceptional care of herself during pregnancy to ensure that the baby sustains a wholesome health condition. It even calls for the mother to undergo a healthy diet, stay away from stressful activities, indulge in regular exercise and keep away from alcohol. Alcohol consumption during pregnancy by the mother leads to developmental delays and disfigurement in the baby’s body. Alcohol negatively affects the baby’s brain and impedes brain development. 

When an expecting mother consumes alcohol, it gets mixed with the mother’s blood that in turn, damages the baby’s cells because the baby is developed inside the womb of the mother. The spinal cord and the brain are the most affected in the process. 


  • It obstructs their remembering and learning abilities and even slows them down.
  • The children are also hyperactive and tend to lose their control
  • They face difficulty in carrying out daily life skills like buttoning, tying laces, counting money etc.
  • The babies are unable to control their brain and their emotions. These people tend to lose their control over themselves
  • The little ones have problems with reading, can battle short temperedness, and untimely irritation without any reason
  • The children can even face challenges in their speech and might even take longer than usual to react to things
  • For such babies, it also gets difficult for them to follow directions and instructions as their brain is unable to process it
  • The span of attention and concentration is highly reduced, and their focus keeps getting shifted very quickly

These are generally the problems that the babies face after their birth, but the mother is also exposed to threats like:

  • The mother’s habit of drinking can lead to even preterm labours. In such a case, the baby is usually not fully developed and can also have several health problems.
  • There is a high chance of Miscarriage when the mother consumes alcohol during pregnancy. There is a high possibility that the mother can even lose her baby in the initial stage of her pregnancy.
  • The babies born in such conditions are Congenital disabilities. The babies can have deformities, heart problems, respiratory issues, complications in the kidney and neural defects.
  • There is a possibility of stillbirth, where the prospective mother is likely to lose baby in the later stage of pregnancy.
  • The mother can also face problems in breastfeeding as the baby’s neural processes are slowed and delayed. The baby and mother are unable to form a bond that even impedes the natural processes. 
  • The mother must take extra care of herself to ensure proper care of the child. The mother should completely stay off alcohol while she is expecting or even if trying to conceive as any amount of alcohol can behave a detrimental effect on the baby’s health. 

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