Age Requirement for Abortion

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Oct 07, 2011
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  • Different countries have different legal norms when it comes to abortion.
  • Intervention of one parent is needed for abortion in case of girls below 16-17 years.
  • Any woman above that age can choose to abort for health issues.
  • Doctors avoid aborting a foetus which is more than 20 weeks old.



Abortion occurs when a pregnant woman consciously decides to terminate her pregnancy. When a termination occurs naturally due to unforeseen circumstances, it is known as a miscarriage.

age requirement for abortionSpecific countries and states have separate set of guidelines with respect to abortion. One of them could be pertaining to age requirement for abortion. Along with the age of the mother, the age of the unborn foetus would also have to be taken into reckoning.


Importance of Age Requirement for Abortion

In the United Kingdom, any woman, single or married can choose to end her pregnancy if there is a threat to her health as per the norms elucidated by law. A couple of doctors would have to provide their consent. However, for girls below sixteen or seventeen years of age, doctors might require the intervention of one parent for consultation. Similarly, the unborn foetus should be less than 20 weeks of age at the time of abortion. The importance of age requirement for abortion can be emphasised  with the help of the following facts.

  1. In a time where teenage pregnancy is becoming more and more rampant, age requirement for abortion has a huge role to play. At a tender age, the reproductive system of a young girl isn’t prepared to take on pregnancy. In addition, unplanned abortion can lead to further abuse. In case, abortions at a tender age become inevitable, they should therefore be performed under expert supervision of doctors and the elderly. This would be the ideal way to minimize risks.
  2. As of the foetal age, it is perhaps of more importance than the age requirement for abortion with respect to the carrying woman. Ideally, doctors would not be keen on aborting a foetus which is more than 20 weeks old. The more advanced the pregnancy, the riskier it is to undergo an abortion. However, in cases of serious health complications, doctors might allow an abortion for up to foetal age of 24 weeks.
  3. Age requirement for abortion also has a significant role to play since aborting is often associated with dire psychological repercussions. If the young mother isn’t able to handle it on her own, she might require the assistance of elders for tiding through.

The best way to do away with potential abortion related risks is to try and avert the requirement of one, as much as possible. There are numerous contraceptive tools available for practising safe sex. Resorting to them is wiser than opting for an untimely abortion.


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