Advice on Swine Flu for Pregnant Women

Swine FLU Prevention - It is important to adhere to all advice that is given on swine flu for pregnant women. You must carefully listen to your doctor and avoid pregnancy complications due to swine flu.

Pratima Sharma
Swine FLUWritten by: Pratima SharmaPublished at: Jul 15, 2011
Advice on Swine Flu for Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, the natural immune system of the body is further suppressed. Therefore, the chances of contracting any sort of infection is high. If there is a swine flu pandemic around this time, naturally you have a major reason to be extremely cautious. However, exposure to swine flu for pregnant women is not always a life threatening scenario. Pregnancy simply weakens the immune system to a certain extent. It is still very much capable of fighting infection. Therefore, even if you are afflicted with these viruses, symptoms are most often mild and recovery is quick too. All you need to do is to monitor your condition accurately and visit the doctor as and when required. The chances of complications can however not be ruled out. Sometimes, the symptoms may aggravate, threatening to harm you and your unborn child. Therefore, some practical advice on swine flu for pregnant women could come in handy at this stage.


Some Useful Tips for Pregnant Women on Swine Flu Prevention

The best thing to do is to seek advice on swine flu for pregnant women from your consultant physician. He is indeed the right person to guide you suitably.

  • If you are suffering from a mild strain of the disease, the apparent symptoms would include a sore throat, runny nose, headaches, body aches, diarrhoea, and tiredness. These should normally subside within a period of 7 days or so. However, if there are complications such as pneumonia, dehydration, and breathing problem, you need to seek immediate medical care and attention. Do not neglect these conditions as it might lead to miscarriages and convulsions.
  • It is always advisable to go for the seasonal flu vaccine if there is a pandemic of this sort. The seasonal flu jab is known to be completely safe for pregnant women and have never been responsible for untoward side effects or complications. However, it is always better to allow your doctor to take the call. Unless you are in the high risk pregnancy zone, the advice on swine flu for pregnant women is a regular dose of flu vaccines for complete safety.
  • Apart from the cures, most of the advice on swine flu for pregnant women would be regarding the precautions you need to take, so that the infection is not able to affect you. For example, you should avoid unnecessary visits to crowded places such as temples and malls. In addition, it is better to avoid travel, unless it is completely unavoidable.
  • Other precaution advice for pregnant women would be related to maintaining hygienic habits during the course of pregnancy. Make sure to wash your hands and scrub them well with an alcohol based hand sanitizer, every time you are back from an outdoor visit.
  • If you think you are affected by H1N1, visit the doctor as soon as possible.

These are some of the advice on swine flu for pregnant women which might prove to be of great help. Stick to the guidelines laid down by your doctor for best results. Remember, one wrong step can actually put your unborn child in a precarious situation. 


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