Add 1.8 years by Walking 75 Minutes each Week

A study has revealed how you could add years to your life by doing some physical activity; here is a report on that.

Aparna Mir
LatestWritten by: Aparna MirPublished at: Jan 14, 2013
Add 1.8 years by Walking 75 Minutes each Week

women walking in morning

Now, you can add 1.8 more years to your life by brisk walking for 75 minutes each week. Researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH), in collaboration with the National Cancer Institute have calculated the length of years in one’s life that he or she gains by being physically active at different levels. The study has taken into consideration individuals as well as among various groups with different body mass index (BMI).


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I-Min Lee, who is the senior author of the study, said, “We found that adding low amounts of physical activity to ones daily routine, such as 75 minutes of brisk walking per week, was associated with increased longevity : a gain of 1.8 years of life expectancy after age 40,compared with doing no such activity.”


It was also said that any individual indulging in physical activity in addition to this 75 minutes walk, could add even more years to their life span. For example, by walking briskly for at least 450 minutes a week an individual could add 4.5 extra years. Lee also mentioned that the amount of physical activity was also associated with greater longevity in all BMI groups: those normal weights, overweight, and obese.


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