Yuvraj Singh undergoing Cancer Treatment

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Feb 08, 2012

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Yuvraj singh undergoing cancer treatment

India’s World Cup Hero Yuvraj Singh has been diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy treatment in the United States since January. The man of the tournament in India’s World Cup win was detected with a benign tumour between his lungs in October. The tumour has since then turned malignant, i.e. cancerous.

According to oncologist based in Delhi Nitesh Rohatgi, who was treating Yuvraj, the cancer is not serious and can be treated without affecting this career prospects. He further elaborated that it is not a case of lung cancer as it is located between the lungs and not inside one of them. Although the disease, called mediastinal seminoma, is rare, it is curable with chemotherapy. He was optimistic about Yuvraj returning to normal practice by May.

Yuvraj would be able to resume mild training to the degree his condition responds to therapy. According to doctors, the condition with which Yuvraj is suffering from has no link to excessive smoking or drinking. It actually occurs due to genetic reasons.

This problem has its roots in some genetic predisposition which occurs during foetal development. But the tumour responds well to chemotherapy and there is a 95 percent chance of recovery. The treatment is likely to last for up to 4 months after which the cancerous cells would be expected to dissolve. If there are still some remaining cancer cells, they can be removed with surgery. Yuvraj was under medication for the tumour.

The symptoms of the cancer Yuvraj is suffering from are difficulty in breathing after physical exertion, persistent cough and blood in mucus. The doctors were in a fix on whether to continue with the medication or opt for therapy. The fact that the tumour was just above the heart artery aroused concerns of it bursting after physical exertion. That is why he was recommended to take chemotherapy for which he left for United States on January 26.

Yuvraj is expected to recover by March but would need to recuperate in the month of April. Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has informed that if Yuvraj’s treatment and recovery goes as expected, he can be expected to make a comeback within six months. Yuvraj has missed competitive cricket since taking part in two tests of the test series against West Indies in the month of November.



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