Youth following Lethal 'Smoking' Alcohol Trend

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May 31, 2013

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Youth following Lethal Smoking Alcohol Trend

Doctors have noticed a dangerous new trend has made its way into young lives as young drinkers are starting to inhale liquor so as to gain a greater buzz and at the same time gain fewer calories. This is done by either pouring it over dry ice or freebasing it and sucking up the vapors.

Doctors say that either way it gets incredibly risky for it to go around the stomach and liver.

Dr. Harris Stratyner who is the regional clinical vice president of Caron Treatment Centers in New York said that inhaling alcohol is an insidious trend, and this is on the rise particularly among college students who may be looking for some more extreme ways to get high. Dr. Stratyner had also observed that this trend has seen a major gain in popularity among college boys and girls who would want to restrict their intake of calories before a night of partying; this is popularly known as ‘drunkorexia’.

Dr. Stratyner said, “Whether it's "smoked" using dry ice or inhaled as a vapor, consuming alcohol in this way is "unbelievably dangerous. When you inhale alcohol, it goes directly into the lungs and circumnavigates the liver, and the liver is what metabolizes alcohol, but when you inhale it, it goes directly from the lungs to the brain.”

He also added that the lungs and the mucous are extremely sensitive to alcohol and so inhaling alcohol vapor can dry out the nasal passages and mouth, thus leaving the users more vulnerable to infection. Additionally, inhaling alcohol can lead to deadly alcohol poisoning more readily than sipping your drink.

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