You can bring smiles with your art of gifting

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May 23, 2013

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Gifts are a beautiful way of expressing your feelings. Every occasion demands different gifts. Finding the right gift for any occasion is always a challenge. But it is worth it when you see the satisfied smile on the opposite side.


Most people find themselves at a loss when it comes to gifting. They spend hours to think about an answer. But how does one decide what gifts to buy that will be suitable for the occasion? Very few can master the art of gifting. Reason and season do not matter when you are gifting. A gift brings joy to the one who receives it and also to the one who gifts it. The pleasure of gifting doubles if it interests the recipients.




Wedding is one occasion which demands a gift for the bride and the groom. Close relatives and family usually prefer to gift either gold or silk.




Festive season sees a flurry of exchanging gifts. People exchange gifts during festival like Diwali and Dussehra or during Christmas and New Year. Silk is a favourite item for gifts among Bangalorians.




Birthdays are one occasion that demands personal gifts. Saris, suits, jewellery, make-up kit and cosmetics are some of the options for gifting to a lady. If you are picking up gifts for teenagers, be little cautious as it is difficult to satisfy them. Ipods, music CDs, video games and other gadgets as gifts excite them.


Giving gift vouchers are also catching up as it gives the person the freedom to choose anything according to their taste.


Birth of a baby


Birth of a baby presents the ideal occasion to gift as it is a celebration of life. Here you must be extra careful with your gifts as it will be used by the delicate darlings. Bangalore has lot of options when it comes to shopping for baby products. Stores like Lifestyle, Westside, Max, and Shopper's Stop all have separate sections for baby products with wide variety.Aptly named, Bundle of Joy baby store in 60 Feet Road, Koramangla is stacking everything you need for a baby. Proprietor of the Store, Humera Anwar says, "People with better budgets prefer to gift sleeping chairs, cradle, bouncers, bathers, etc. while some prefers everyday clothing for the baby. We also have items like baby monitors with which you can keep track of his/her movements and pacify him/her by talking into the device."


Among baby clothing, people can gift baby socks, undershirt, baby caps, sweaters, cotton nappies, etc. In baby items; cradle, rocking chair, teething products, walker, prams, baby blankets, baby mattress and covers are also good bet. Baby care books, First Year Record books, photo album for the small angels, baby name books can also be gifted. Yet another option is feeding and bathing accessories. Among feeding accessories, feeding bottles, spoon, burp cloth, etc. can be helpful gifts.


Baby bath tub, tub seats, floating tub toys, soap and lotion, baby shampoo, soft towels, baby powder and baby brush, comb will greatly help the mother tackle the tiny tots at bath time.
In toys also, the choice is overwhelming, soft or musical toys will keep the baby busy at play time. However, one should be careful while picking up toys, as cheap materials in toys can harm the child.


Brand-new mom, Namita G from Jayanagar T Block, is cautious in this matter. She says, "I hate when people pick up cheap Chinese toys and roadside clothing and gift them to babies. I use only quality branded products for my baby and wish that people also gift good things if they must to my baby."




House-warming or ghrihapravesh is a joyous occasion for the proud home owners. Those invited for the house warming party carry a gift for the hosts. Generally, ghrihapravesh gifts are related to home and décor like decorative pieces.


Gifting can be as simple as picking up a bunch of flowers or it may involve year-long planning, observing the likes and dislikes of the person in question. So, choose your gifts carefully.



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