X Ray Safety Measures

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Feb 24, 2011

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X-rays use radiation and radiation has the potential to cause damage to body cells. The damage caused depends on the amount of radiation you are exposed to. People on radiotherapy for cancer treatment are given large doses of radiation as part of their cancer treatment. They are at risk of radiation skin burns or damage to other healthy body tissues near the treatment area.

The X-rays used for investigation in dental and medical offices give very small doses of radiation. But if you are exposed to repeat X-rays the many small doses of radiation add up over time and may cause damage. Hence experts advocate that X-rays should be used judiciously and with adequate precautions to prevent unnecessary radiation exposure in a patient. To prevent excessive exposure, your doctor will take care not to recommend X ray unless required.


Some means to limit X-ray exposure include;

  • Use of reduced X-ray dose by limiting the beam to the specific area that is being X-rayed.
  • Use of Improved X-ray film so that less exposure is needed to get good quality films.
  • Regular X-ray machine checks for accuracy and safety
  • Use of lead shields to prevent exposure to other parts of the body
  • Use of digital radiography a newer kind of X-ray that reduces radiation by as much as 80 percent.



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