10 Worst Plastic Surgery Disasters

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Aug 19, 2011

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We all have our own addictions. However, it is upto us to decide if we want it to become our obsession. One such obsession is plastic surgeries. People take up plastic surgery to remain young forever. However, not every plastic surgery is successful and when people go under the knife for a long time, it makes them look monstrous and ugly if it doesn’t work for them.. Mentioned below are 10 such plastic surgery disasters.


Michael Jackson 


The heartthrob of millions, Michael Jackson is reported to have undergone many nose jobs, face-lifts in addition to skin lightning.


Pete Burns 


British singer Pete Burns has numerous surgeries done to his face and his nose. It is said that Pete Burns lost most of his money to get his lips corrected after one of the plastic surgeries went horribly wrong.


Jackie Stallone 


A beauty in her youth, Jackie got addicted to plastic surgery to become one of the most famous plastic surgery disasters. Her surgeries include brow lifts, face-lifts, several botox injections and nose jobs.


Donatella Versace 


In addition to being famous for her name, Donatella is also famous for her thick lips, large flat and crooked nose as well as for a tight skin on the face. Her breast implants are also obvious and she really looks like a major plastic surgery disaster.


Eric Sprague 


Trying to transform himself into a lizard, Eric has been nicknamed the lizard man due to the split tongue, numerous tattoos all over the body, stretching of the earlobes, filing teeth to resemble fangs.


Dennis Avner 


Another plastic surgery disasters, Dennis is nicknamed as the Stalking Cat and his surgeries include a whole lot of tattoos, change in the shape of the face, teeth filed to resemble tiger’s and transdermal implants.


Joan Rivers


Joan Rivers has also had a number of surgeries done in addition to face-lifts that has left her looking quite alien.


Jocelyn Wildenstein 


Jocelyn went after plastic surgery to make herself look beautiful. However, it made her look disastrous and the effect was so bad, that she the more she spent on plastic surgeries, the worst she looked.


Amanda Lepore 


Being world famous as a transsexual, Amanda started undergoing surgeries right from the age of 15 and has had surgeries like sex change, face-lifts and a long list of what-not to her credit.


Hang Mioku 


Hang is neither a socialite nor a singer. She is a South Korean who was obsessed with plastic surgery. After the doctor denied to conduct any more plastic surgery on her, she injected cooking oil on her face that made her face bloat, giving her a place in the 10 worst plastic surgery disasters.

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