Women Prefer Geeks over Hunks

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Feb 02, 2013

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Move over, six pack abs. The geek is here. A study quoted by The Daily Express has found that women prefer a geeky man who knows how to fix things around the house rather than the guy who spent a lot of his time in the gym or concentrating on his washboard abs. The study, which surveyed three thousand women, found that most of the respondents mirrored this view.  It said that three quarters of the 3000 women polled said that they were more attracted to men who understood gadgets and technology over those guys who spent a lot of time keeping fit.


Shailaja Iyer agrees. “While a Brad Pitt body would be wonderful on a guy, if he can’t fix my laptop virus-alert-thing, then what’s the point, really?’ she chuckles. This bit of news could come as good news to hundreds of guys around the world. Says California based software engineer, Arjun Sundar, during an online interview, “I always knew that deep inside, women liked us geeks and hunks. I would like to send out a hurrah from my fraternity of fellow men who have always been dismissed off hand as geeks in favour of the Greek-God-like-body types. Our time is here!” he exults before following it up with a ‘let’s party’ smiley.


The good news for men like Arjun doesn’t end here. The survey found that more than half the women polled said that they would not even consider dating a man who was no good at do it yourself. And a clear majority even went as far as to say that they found men who spent their spare time at the gym a total turn-off. And it was only one in three said they would go for a guy who took pride in his appearance.


So, it looks like women are getting more practical in their demands of men. So, guys, to cut any ice with the women, you better become more dependable – emotionally as well as gadget-ically!



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