With skin care in autumn welcome winters with open arms

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May 19, 2010

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Autumn is very brief in India but we get to feel the nip in the air, the tightening of skin and the cool fresh air before the winter steps in. Oily skins begin to feel better, dry skins start to feel taut and combination skins are happiest at this time of the year. Days become shorter and one feels more rushed. However wake up early and try and go for a jog, you can sleep when you come back if you want to….that is what beauty sleep is all about! Try meditation, yoga and deep breathing. Autumn is the time to get ready and prepare yourself for winters, reorganize your clothes, go in for warm pedicures and manicures. You can even start to have a bath with lukewarm water and what better way to do so than to add a few drops of lavender and geranium oil, all of which, leave you smelling great.


I have also very often noticed that autumn is the time when the feet and hands start to become drier and look patchy and if not looked after now will give even more problems during winters. Always keep a massage cream or oil next to your bedside and make a daily night time ritual of massaging into the skin. Keep a pumice stone in your bathroom and scrub feet daily to remove dead skin and smoothen out feet. In fact, you could use a loofah with some bath gel for the elbow, knees and thighs to dislodge dead surface skin and keep these areas smooth. Just because these areas are not always in sight it does not mean that you should neglect them.


I would think that this is a good time of the year to start making the  warm relaxing massage more interesting and fragrant by adding sandalwood oil and kneading out the day's tension slowly. A good idea would be to make a natural ubtan for after the massage instead of using soap. This ubtan can be very easily made at home with dried rose petals, gram flour, milk powder, sandalwood powder and lemon juice. Scrub this all over the body and wash off, leaving skin feel so smooth and soft that it is almost like baby skin.


For your face, oily skins too tends to feel the need for a moisturizer but then again it is not essential that it will be able to take a cream or moisturizer. Mash a banana and massage it into the skin, leave for 5-7 minutes and wash off for a smoothened out complexion. Dry skins should start to use pure honey moisturizer. Massage about two tsp of pure honey into the skin. Leave for about 10 minutes and wash off, you will not feel the need to use a cold cream. If your skin is very dry you can mix one tsp each of fresh cream with honey and massage it into the skin until the skin has totally soaked up its goodness. Wash off and you will feel your skin feel like new.


Most people that I know are also affected by the oncoming of slight coughs and colds during autumn. Exposure of cold air and the changing season have this effect on the body. I would suggest that you take a hot cup of milk every night and add 2 tsb of pure almond oil to it. This will work wonders and I promise you the cough will disappear in no time at all.


Internal nourishment for the body is just as important as external skin care and what better way to do it than naturally with the help of fruits and vegetables. Start to take almonds, figs and plenty of dairy produfcts in your daily diet. Milk, butter, yogurt, ghee, cottage cheese and cheese are a natural source of calcium and should be taken in plenty. Above all, enjoy the changing season and welcome the winter months with open arms!


Today's brides-to-be wander from one beauty salon to another in search of an instant solution, a magic wand to transform their dull lifeless looking complexion and hair. But alas such a wand does not exist.

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