Why you should use a wooden comb for your mane

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Nov 16, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Wooden combs are safe for both hair and scalp.
  • They offer a nice massage to the scalp.
  • Risk of hair damage is minimal.
  • Can help reduce dandruff, hair fall and itchiness.

Wooden combs have been there from centuries. And, once you switch to wooden comb, you will never go back as it not only makes your scalp feel better but also makes your hair happy. Besides, they are quite inexpensive. Here is why it is a good choice to use wooden comb for your hair.

wooden comb for healthy hair

Benefits of using wooden comb


They are good for the scalp

Wooden combs are considered excellent for the health of your scalp as they are known to generate heat when you comb your hair. Over time it helps improve blood circulation on the scalp, keeping it healthy.

Improves hair growth

Use of wooden comb not only improves blood circulation but it also helps improve overall quality of hair and also strengthens the roots. Besides, it is good for your hair growth and for a dandruff-free scalp.

Does not cause damage to the hair

According to experts, combing your mane with a wooden comb is good as it does not damage hair. Besides, it can also be used to comb wet hair without breaking your precious hair.


Deals with dandruff

Have dandruff due to dry scalp? Well, try wooden comb as it will help normalise production of oil-eliminating dandruff.  Regular use of wooden comb over the scalp can help you get rid of even old dandruff problems.


Adds volume to your hair

Wooden combs add more volume to your hair naturally. Yes, you heard it right. As we know, wood is considered a bad conductor of electricity and hence it does not cause static, raising the volume of your hair.


It conditions your locks

Combing your hair with wooden comb distributes hair oils evenly on the hair. It allows proper conditioning of your hair, making them look lustrous.


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