Why you shouldn’t eat the same food day in and day out

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Mar 21, 2017

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Quick Bites

  • Each food item has some specific enzymes associated with it
  • These enzymes help maintain physiological balance
  • Missing on some foods for long may lead to deficiency of such enzymes

After a hectic day at office, planning and prepping a meal can often turn out to be too much of a task. As a result, you may end up ordering foods from outside or preparing foods that are easy to prepare and save your time, which often make you fall into the habit of cooking the same foods frequently.


Ordering foods from outside

Too much of anything is never good

Eating same foods everyday is no fun but you do it for the sake of convenience. But do you know your healthy yet boring diet is not letting you lose weight. Yes, when you try out variety of foods, you’re more likely to have a bacterial diversity in your gut. And that diversity can play a key role in keeping your weight in check and keeping diseases like diabetes at bay. At least that is what a new research presented at Chicago based Institute of Food Technologists strongly suggests.


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Little bit of everything

Each type of food and micronutrient seems to have a specialist enzyme that can best utilize it. So maybe the best diet would include little bit of everything. If you eat same food again and again, you body would preferably host bacteria that are required to utilise that food and reduce presence of bacteria that would have been used to digest some other foods that you never eat.


Eventually, your body may completely get rid of the later; which in turn might be harmful for your overall wellbeing. Your body should get everything it needs and if it completely misses out on some bacteria or enzymes then it might have a negative impact on your physiology.

So make sure you eat at least small amounts of all types of food items. It might not feel always awesome to eat foods that you don’t like much, but it will keep paying back in terms of health.



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