Why should you buy medicines online?

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Mar 10, 2016

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Shopping online has become part of India’s psyche, for travel arrangements, clothes and now, finally, healthcare. When you’re in strange city or live in the suburbs, or when you are taking care of loved ones, why travel across the city for medications?

Patients who look after their own health needs, those who care for their parents and loved ones and most of us who are used to shopping online also can now take advantage of the option  to shop online for prescription medicines and over- the –counter medication.





Experts estimate that the Indian pharmaceutical market is Rs 79,000 crore and expanding at 20% yearly. With the government stepping up to regulate online sale of medication and healthcare products, the e-commerce pharmacy sector will make medicines accessible to remote areas. Over –the –counter (OTC) pharmaceutical products can only be sold by licensed retailers- a fact that  many people in India aren’t aware of.

Netmeds.com is a licensed e-pharmacy with a staff of highly qualified pharmacists- those who study the medicines prescribed by doctors. Pharmacists check for accuracy  in prescriptions,  and ensure that medicines customers ask for don’t contraindicate each other.  A licensed e-pharmacy offers the same drugs as offline pharmacies, but shopping online for medicines means you can reach out anywhere in the country for best prices and  the most convenient method of shopping.

A licensed online medical shop like Netmeds.com provides customers with: safety, lowest prices, convenience, availability, and privacy. Netmeds.com does not sell restricted medicines without a prescription. This means added safety since qualified pharmacists examine each prescription  for discrepancies, ensuring the medicines dispensed match the ones mentioned by the doctor.

Convenience is a big factor for many people to buy their medicines and over –the –counter medical products online. Who needs to waste time running from pharmacy to pharmacy looking for the exact medical formulation your doctor prescribed you? It’s all available online, with the added advantage that the online pharmacy will give you the lowest prices. Of course, there are always some medicines that are very rare and hard –to –get, in such cases, online medical stores always ensure you’re given the supply as soon as possible. Experienced online pharmacies rarely turn away customers alleging the ‘no stock’ excuse.

Online pharmacies offer privacy when you don’t want the world or your local medical shop staff who live 2 streets away to know your monthly medical purchases. There may be some things you won’t be comfortable sharing with your parents or your neighbours. Netmeds.com is very discreet and offers privacy, customers’ purchase history isn’t open for outside access.

Netmeds.com monitors the sale, quality & efficacy of medicines. Prescriptions are required, as it’s possible to misuse certain medicines. A few medicines that carry many restrictions may cause serious consequences, if taken without proper prescription and supervision. Another reason, that a registered and licensed e-pharmacy like netmeds.com is the right choice for Indians who love progress.


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