Why Kids Shouldn’t Drink Apple Juice

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Dec 09, 2011

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Apple juice for kidsIs the canned apple juice ok for your child? According to latest reports by Richard Stahlhut, MD, MPH, of the University of Rochester, who conducted the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), the level of arsenic in many popular brands is much higher than the permissible limits.


Although the FDA had earlier rubbished such claims made by a doctor on his popular medical TV show, stating that the arsenic found in most of the fruit juices is the organic arsenic which does not pose a health threat. Unlike the inorganic arsenic that is linked to an increased risk for cancer, the organic arsenic found in fruits is harmless.


The NHANES took the sample from 88 places in the cities of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. The findings have shown that 10 percent of the samples had more arsenic than the permissible limit in drinking water, while 25 percent had more of the toxin than permissible in bottled water. It is a matter of concern that FDA is yet to determine a permissible limit of arsenic in fruit juices, but a level above 23 parts per billion is considered one of concern.


Another matter of concern is that government has allowed canned juice manufacturers to permit arsenic based on the assumption that children are likely to drink more water. This is not agreeable to people’s health, especially when you consider that fruit juices are considered to be staple diet for kids. This can pose serious health hazards because of no warnings on the permissible level of fruit juice can make unsuspecting mothers or caregivers make you eat more. Your body can end up stuffed with a lot of inorganic arsenic.


So, if you have been giving your kids a lot of fruits juices, beware of the harmful effect of arsenic on health. Even the FDA has decided to re-examine the permissible limit of the toxin in the fruit juices. Current recommendation for kids is 1.9 litres. The parents would be well advised to keep swapping from one juice brand to the other, and keep track of the juice that is available in the market. They may also try to switch to fresh fruit juice, even if it takes time in extracting it by using the juicer. Till the government agencies give details of the permissible healthy limit of arsenic in canned fruit juices, you cannot be sure.

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