Why Indian Women Prefer a Natural, Cell-Enriched Breast Augmentation

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Jun 21, 2011

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Woman check her breastThe International Society of Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery’s (ISAPS) most recent global survey names India as the country with the fourth most cosmetic surgery procedures in the world and fat grafting as one of the rising trends in non-surgical cosmetic procedures. More and more, your own stem and regenerative cells derived from your fat tissue are being used in natural breast augmentation procedures or to correct breast asymmetry or defects. With Indian women becoming increasingly keen on improving their physical attributes and having a greater awareness about the possibilities of cosmetic surgery, a completely natural procedure like cell-enriched breast augmentation seems set to gain rapid acceptance among today’s fashion conscious woman.


Cell-enriched breast augmentation is an innovative technique that builds on a century of fat grafting procedures. The use of stem and regenerative cells to enrich a patient’s own fat is growing in acceptance in Europe and Asia where over 1,000 patients have been treated for a number of regenerative medicine applications, including breast augmentation. Compared to traditional fat grafting, a recent Japanese study by Dr. Tatsuro Kamakura of Cosmetic Surgery Seishin suggests that the addition of stem and regenerative cells to the fat graft improves the longevity, retention and appearance of fat grafts to the breast.


Cell-enriched breast augmentation is an alternative for women who are looking for a natural look and feel to their breasts or who might have reservations about using foreign body implants. Cosmetic surgeons can use your own fat to sculpt your breasts to subtly customize the outcome to your requests, a flexibility that is often impossible with implants. Furthermore, there is minimal risk or rejection or adverse reaction to the cell-enriched fat as both the graft tissue and the cells are from your own body.


As part of the procedure, a minimal amount of unwanted fat can be withdrawn via liposuction from your stomach, hips or thighs. In approximately 90 minutes, a portion of your tissue is processed using Cytori Therapeutics’ Celution® System to extract your own stem and regenerative cells, which naturally reside within your fat tissue. Your cells are then combined with your own fat, forming a cell-enriched fat graft which is used to carefully augment your breasts.


“The use of the stem and regenerative cells to enrich the fat graft enables the transplanted fat to successfully integrate with the surrounding tissue,” said Marc Hedrick, President of Cytori Therapeutics. “The stem and regenerative cells which are extracted from the fat are believed to allow the transplanted graft to survive by promoting the creation and maintenance of new blood vessels. The implanted fat becomes a part of your body, continually changing as your body ages and evolves naturally.”


Cell-enriched breast augmentation can be the ideal choice for women who desire fuller breasts with a natural look and feel, would like to correct breast asymmetry, or are uncomfortable with artificial implants. By taking fat from unwanted places on the body, cell-enriched breast augmentation can simultaneously increase breast size and provide overall body contouring while increasing self-confidence and a healthy body image.


Attributed to: Dr. Marc Hedrick, President, Cytori Therapeutics Inc.


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