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Dec 23, 2009

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Yeah, we know the fog helped you make out like never before, but so will the fresh spirit of the season. Here's how


Sex is never season-specific, no matter what they make you believe. Nevertheless, you can make each one work to your advantage. Winter comes with warmth, Spring with freshness and Summer with a sultry sexiness. As the weather changes, so does love's mood, from mushy to desirous and mellow to wild.


Being 'phool'ish isn't always bad 


The price of roses is back to normal, Rs 10, so sprinkling rose petals on the bed or in the tub wouldn't hurt. Why only roses, even white lilies arouse a feeling of peace, contentment and passion. If not flowers, place some fancy flower pots to show her the feeling's as fresh as it once was.


Out you go


Home is by-and-large associated with familiarity, not experimentation. Researchers say that if you 'eat' each other in open, at the beach, in the garden and in the woods, the feast would be elongated for few more minutes, if an hour sounds too long to believe. And what could be a better time to move out than now. The sun isn't scorching, nor the breeze freezing. Keep that shyness for a later day. Today, try open spaces.


Change is the word


It's simple things that call for sexual celebration, like a change in home settings -- haven't you kept that couch that way too long? Isn't it boring to do it there, all the time? Pack that four-kg fibre quilt; keep away the room heater, and make space for more sensuous things. Mark the onset of Spring by getting naughty on the floor. Don't forget a snug rug first, though. Opt for natural light instead of the done-do-death candles and lamps -- a ray of morning sunshine, the last red beams from the sun, the moonlight -- soak yourself in the spirit of all things Spring.


Get lost


Go on a holiday. You deserve it not just for mental peace, but also erotic exploration. Spring is the time when most vacation spots remain calm, climatically. If you like beaches, go to Goa. Don't miss on the youngest beach, Anjuna. Deserts are far prettier at this time, too.


Wear less, show more 


You've been loaded with heavy jackets, sweaters and boots all this while, and your partner has been missing those mini skirts. So, pull out that skimpy lingerie from the cupboard and wear it, without hesitation. Men can come back to their boxers, making their tool kit easy to access.



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