Why does Sex Hurt the First Time?

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Apr 26, 2011

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Why does Sex Hurt the First Time

Most of the girls are worried about the pain during first intercourse but the reality lies in the fact that having sex for the first time does not always hurt. Some girls do report of experiencing pain but most girls/women say report it to be bearable.

Sex can hurt for the first time if hymen of women is still intact. Hymen is a membrane that partially or fully covers the vaginal opening. After a while however the pain lessens. And, if you still experince pain which is unbearable then you might have to seek expert advice. It might be because of allergic reactions to condoms, low levels of estrogen (in older women) or if the woman is diagnosed with vulvodynia. But today it is known that hymen can even be broken by the other activities as well. For instance engagement in physical activities such as horseback riding and exercise and sports activities can break hymen. Sexual intercourse for the first time can even result in vaginal bleeding but that is also normal as it is due to breaking of hymen.


For some women sex might be painful if their partner hit their cervix during intercourse. While others report pain in case they just jump into having an intercourse instead of arousing their partner enough to take it a level ahead of oral sex.

Although sex is supposed to hurt but then don’t be stressed as the fear of pain can also contribute to the pain. Remember that sexual foreplay is helpful in reducing the pain of first sexual intercourse. This is so because your pelvic muscles are relaxed and you get aroused which makes the experience even much more fun! In fact your partner plays an important role in relaxing you and also contributing in making you feel more relaxed and comfortable.


Let go of all the inhibitions and anxieties and enjoy the moment of intimacy with your partner!!!


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