Who is at a risk of developing Sexual Problems in Diabetics?

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Jan 14, 2013

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Quick Bites

  • Diabetics with high blood pressure can develop sex problems.
  • If you smoke, quit the habit for optimum health and fewer health problems.
  • Diabetics older than 40 years are at a greater risk of developing sex problems.
  • Try to have an active lifestlye if you want to avoid developing sex problems.

If excessive sweating, numbness in the feet, and inability to eat some of the world’s best desserts wasn’t enough, diabetics also have to deal with a cent percent prospect of suffering from desolating sex life. This is not to say that all diabetics will suffer from sexual problems; there are some who are especially at a greater risk of developing the disease or the condition.

sex problems in diabetics

Risk Factors

Diabetic neuropathy and the related sexual problems tend to be more common in those people who:
•    have high blood pressure
•    have poor blood glucose levels
•    are overweight
•    have high levels of cholesterol in their blood
•    are older than 40 years
•    smoke
•    have a sedentary lifestyle.

Can diabetes-related sexual problems be prevented?

Those people who suffer from diabetes can definitely lower their risk of sexual problems by keeping the blood glucose, blood cholesterol and blood pressure levels monitored and close to target. By being physically active and maintaining a healthy weight, one can prevent long-term complications causes because of diabetes. Those people who smoke can improve by quitting.


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