When your gestures speaks for you

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Jan 10, 2011

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When your body speaks for youIt's not just your language that serves to express your thoughts, your inner self. Your body too speaks for you. The way you walk, your gestures, all play a significant role in unveiling the real you. At times, your try to hide your feelings by keeping your mouth shut, but then, your body says it all. Whether you are attending some meeting or addressing a public event, you should always be wary of wrong gestures, as they may cause adverse reactions.  Let your body language make you the sought-after, especially by your colleagues at workplace. Here are the tips…  


  • Always keep your arms relaxed and casual when you're in a meeting.
  • Don't stand stiffly.
  • Look into others' eyes and try to make an eye-to-eye contact, which can boost your confidence. But don't stare continuously, as it may give the wrong impression of you.
  • Avoid keeping hands on your lips or clasped behind your head.
  • Avoid turning your body away or keeping your arms folded.
  • Avoid keeping or bringing your hands on your face l Avoid frantic movements.


Here are some more gestures, which reflect your body language and needed to be kept in mind...

  • Open palms: Shows your sincerity and openness.
  • Leaning closer: Shows your comfort level and interest in the topic
  • Leaning Away: Dissatisfaction with the facts being presented or the front person presenting them.
  • Nodding head: Shows your interest and understanding level of the subject.
  • Relaxed Posture: Your openness to the communication.
  • Arms crossed over the chest: Shows your resistance or defensiveness.
  • Talking with hands: Shows your involvement in the conversation.
  • Hands clasped behind back: Shows that you are frustrated
  • Tapping your fingers: Signifies annoyance and that you are impatient.
  • Steeping fingers: It may create a barrier in the conversation.
  • Fidgeting: It shows your nervousness and signifies that you're bored.
  • Hand over mouth: Often denotes disapproval or reluctance to speak properly.


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