What is the treatment for Uterine Cancer?

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Apr 20, 2013

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treatment for Uterine Cancer

There are four primary methods of treating uterine cancer. The appropriate treatment procedure will be decided by your doctor on the basis of the uterine cancer stage, your general health condition and medical history. A single treatment course or a combination of two or three procedures will be undertaken to completely cure the malignancy.

Surgery: The procedure of surgery involves removal of cancerous lesion from in and around of the uterus and later may be followed by chemotherapy or radiation to completely exterminate remnants of the cancer.

Radiation therapy:
If the cancer has metastasised extensively, you will be exposed to external beam radiation and in other cases, you will be treated with brachytherapy, a form of internal radiation. Skin irritation, fatigue and diarrhoea might be some common side-effects, but will disappear soon post treatment.

Chemotherapy: Variety of drugs will be used to disrupt the growth of abnormal cells and to kill them. Your doctor will opt for chemotherapy, if cancer spreads beyond the uterus. 

Hormone therapy: This therapy restricts the cancer cells from receiving the hormones that stimulate their growth.  It will also involve progesterone pills and in advanced stages of uterine cancer might use tamoxifen. Using hormone therapy, in conjunction with standard treatments of uterine cancer can assist in improving the outcome of prognosis in the early stages of the malignancy.

Hysterectomy or Bilateral Oophorectomy: These surgical methods are the last weapons of defence against uterine cancer especially if it has reached its last stages. The affected uterus is removed by hysterectomy and the ovaries by bilateral oophorectomy. Both these surgical procedures rarely cause any complication, except infertility.



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