What is the treatment of Gynecomastia?

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Feb 15, 2012

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Quick Bites

  • It often goes away on its own with time without any treatment.
  • Treatment is required when underlying condition is the cause.
  • Liposuction is done to remove fat from the breast.
  • Mastectomy is done when the breast gland tissue needs to be removed.


Gynecomastia is the inflammation of the breast tissue in the men or boys. It is caused by the imbalance of the estrogen and testosterone hormones. It can occur in one or both the breasts.  Although, it isn’t a serious condition but it can be quite tough to cope with. 



signs and symptoms of gynecomastia include

  • Swollen breast gland tissue
  • breast tenderness
  • Pain in the breast


It can be triggered by low levels of testosterone. Things that can upset the hormone balance include

Natural hormone changes

The development of sex characteristics in both men and women are maintained and controlled by testosterone and estrogen hormones. Testosterone controls the male traits while estrogen controls the female breasts.  Even male produce estrogen but when the estrogen levels are high or are out of balance with testosterone levels, it could lead to  gynecomastia.

Medications and health conditions

Medications which can lead to gynecomastia include

  • anti-androgens used to treat prostate enlargement, prostate cancer and other conditions.
  • anabolic steroids and androgens.
  • AIDS medication
  • anti- anxiety medications
  • antibiotics
  • chemotherapy

Health conditions which can lead to gynceosmastia include Hypoganadism, aging, tumours, hypothyroidism, Kidney failure, liver and cirrhosis.



Most cases of gynceosmastia recover on their own with time without any treatment. When the underlying condition is causing the condition then treatment may be required.  If you are taking certain medications that can cause gynceosmastia, then your doctor will ask you to stop that medication.  Besides that there are two surgery options available for treating this condition.Liposuction is done to remove fat from the breast. However the breast gland tissue is not  removed and mastectomy is done when the breast gland tissue needs to be removed.


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