What is the treatment for Chikungunya?

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Mar 28, 2011

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Specific antiviral drugs or vaccine for treatment of chikungunya fever are not available. Hence early diagnosis and proper treatment are important for control of infection. People with chikungunya fever are treated symptomatically.

  • Fever: Acetaminophen or ibuprofen are used to relieve fever. If you are in a hot environment, drink plenty of fluid to prevent dehydration.
  • Pain in muscles and joints: Ibuprofen, naproxen, acetaminophen may be prescribed to relieve pain. Avoid aspirin especially in children.
  • Take adequate rest.
  • At home patient should use bed-nets, preferably permethrin-impregnated nets while resting and other measures such as use of insecticide sprays should be considered to avoid further mosquito exposure (this is done so that they do not contribute to the transmission cycle).

The infection is rarely life-threatening but it can cause substantial morbidity. Some patients can have a prolonged convalescence period (up to a year or more) and persistent joint pain. They may need analgesic (pain medication) and other long-term anti-inflammatory medications for treating chikungunya.

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  • Jana18 Sep 2013

    My sister is in the hospital right now and the doctors told her that she's got chikungunya, I'm just wondering why she spit blood. And I'm worried.Is there a more serious problem?

  • S.P.Singh22 Sep 2012

    I have fever last year in Oct & thereafter started joint pain & later on swelling of all joints specially hand & toes. Kindly advice what to do.

  • Name02 Feb 2012

    Hi Abhi, I also had suffered from Chikungunya fever & lots of joint pain. There is treatment in homeopathy, You can use the following drops :. Medicine name = "Rhus tox. 30" By Dr. Willmar Schwabe or Dr. Reckweg . Doses = 10 drops x 4 times in a day.

  • Abhi25 Nov 2011

    I Have Safring for Joint pain from 1 and half year last year I have very very much fever.plz advise us the treatment.

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