Salman Khan's conviction:Dangers of drunk driving and how to prevent it

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May 14, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Everyone must know and spread awareness about drunk driving.
  • Drunk driving can have devastating legal repurcurssions.
  • Driving drunk can put one's and others life at risk.
  • Take a step against drunk driving by avoiding it yourself.

Facts that bore Salman Khan’s free-wheeling in the 2002 hit-and-run have been stripped bare, finally. Thanks to the congenially investigative attribute of the media that has leaked hoarded secrets blended with sensational twists over the last decade and more. Whatever may be High Court’s decision with regards to the actor’s conviction, there is an important subject that has gotten little too less reference in the recent past. And that is, drunk driving.


Salman Khan's Hit and Run Case

Millions of people across the world partake in drunk driving. You may measure the propensity of damage to be futile every time you drank and drove and reached home safely still. But, just because you are landing safely on your bed at home does not mean that you are taking the right decision. When you put the keys in the ignition in your intoxicated state, not only do you put your life at risk, but you also put the lives of those you come across on the road, at risk.


How dangerous is Drinking and Driving?

  • A driver who has a blood alcohol concentration i.e. BAC of 0.10 or greater is about seven times more likely than a sober person to be involved in a fatal accident.
  • And, someone who records a BAC of 0.15 or greater is about 25 times more likely to have a fatal road accident. Basically, the more you drink, the higher your risks of being involved in a road accident.


What can you do to prevent drunk driving?

The first step to stopping drunk driving is by making the choice yourself not to drink and drive. Some other ways include educating the youth and family members as well as others in the community about the dangers of drunk driving. The usefulness of such awareness build-up is large because it prevents multiple man-made disasters and also legal repercussions.


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