The symptoms of Retrobulbar Neuritis

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Jan 31, 2011

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  • A patient with retrobulbar neuritis experiences blurred or dimmed vision.
  • Blind spot at or near the centre of vision can indicate retrobulbar neuritis.
  • The patient may have complete blindness in either one eye or both the eyes.
  • Retrobulbar neuritis can cause somplete blindness in either one eye or both.

Retrobulbar neuritis is a type of optic neuritis in which the optic nerve, which is located at the rear of the eye. This nerve contains fibers that carry crucial visual information from the nerve cells inside the retina to the nerve cells inside the brain. When the fibers become inflamed, the visual signaling to the brain suddenly becomes disrupted, causing the vision to get impaired.

In a lot of cases, the cause of retrobulbar neuritis is not known. Loss in vision can be minimal or the disease may result in blindness. Some of the symptoms of this condition include the following:

retrobulbar neuritis
The symptoms of Retrobulbar neuritis can worsen for two weeks and then finally stabilize. The course of the illness, however, varies to a great extent. Most cases of the illness show an improvement over a period of time, though complete recovery is a rare phenomenon. Even though, optic neuritis affects only one eye, it can also affect both the eyes. Some of the common symptoms of Retrobulbar neuritis include:

•    Dimmed or blurred vision
•    Blind spot at or near the centre of vision
•    Pain with the movement of the eye
•    Complete blindness in either one eye or both the eyes
•    Tenderness of the eye upon pressure or touch.

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