What are the symptoms of Platyspondylic Lethal Skeletal Dysplasia Torrance Type?

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Jan 24, 2013

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  • The disorder is a severe form of boen growth dissability.
  • It is characterised by very short arms and legs.
  • The patient also has underdeveloped pelvic bones.
  • Babies with the disease die at birth or shortly thereafter.

Platyspondylic lethal skeletal dysplasia, Torrance type is a disorder of the bone growth that is quite severe in nature. It is characterised by very short arms and legs, unusually short fingers as well as toes and underdeveloped pelvic bones. It is also characterised by an exaggerated curvature of the lower back and flattened spinal bones.

Platyspondylic Lethal Skeletal Dysplasia Torrance Type
Infants suffering from this condition are born with a small chest with short ribs that can restrict expansion as well as growth of the lungs. Because of these serious health problems, some of the foetuses that are affected by it do not survive up till the last term. Infants that are born with platyspondylic lethal skeletal dysplasia, Torrance type die either at birth or soon thereafter because of respiratory failure. A countable number of people suffering from milder signs and symptoms of the disease have lived into adulthood.
This condition is a very rare disorder with only a few people being reported to have the disease in the whole world.


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