What are the signs and Symptoms of Diabetes in Babies?

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Apr 25, 2011

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It is usually hard to detect signs and symptoms of diabetes in babies as they lack clear communication skills.


Thus, the following points should be kept in mind for an early detection of diabetes which would help in the child’s healthy growth:

  • Excessive urination: This might result in dehydration. The child might often feel thirsty than usual.
  • Excessive hunger: Since the blood sugar has been flushed out of the body and not absorbed for energy, the baby might feel hungry very often. Also, the child loses weight due to lack of nutrients.
  • Undue fatigue, drowsiness and weakness might occur in juveniles
  • Babies might also feel a tingling sensation in their feet.
  • Blurred vision, but which is hard to detect in babied.
  • Some children also complain of stomach ache and nausea, at times.
  • Some cases have revealed that there may be a fungal growth on the excreted sugar on the body.
  • In such cases, the baby must be regularly taken to a paediatrician for insulin check ups and eating habits must be controlled and regulated.

Thus following points helps us in detecting signs and symptoms of diabetes in babies.


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