What are the risks associated with Gynecomastia?

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Feb 15, 2012

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Quick Bites

  • A patient who has just had gynecomastia surgery may experience bleeding.
  • Post surgery, there may be a lack of nipple and skin sensation.
  • Infection is not that uncommon post surgery, and may occur.
  • As in any surgery, scarring post the procedure can be seen.

Gynecomastia refers to swelling of the breast tissue in boys or men that is caused by imbalanced levels of the hormone testosterone and estrogen. Gynecomastia can either affect just one breast or both the breasts and sometimes, unevenly. The normal course of gynecomastia can begin when newborns, boys and old can undergo normal changes in their level of hormones, though there may be other causes as well.

gynecomastia risks and complications

Gynecomastia can cause some complications related to one’s physical attributes and sometimes, it can also lead to psychological as well as emotional problems triggered by physical appearance. Most complications that do occur are a result of the gynecomastia surgery. These are:

Bleeding: it is possible for a patient who has just had gynecomastia surgery to experience bleeding. The patient may also experience bleeding during the surgery. If the bleeding is uncomfortable or large, one is required to go back to the operating room and be required to drain the accumulated blood.

Change in skin and nipple sensation: changes in nipple and skin sensation are not unusual soon after surgery. After many months, a lot of patients tend to have normal sensation. Permanent or partial loss of skin and nipple sensation may happen occasionally.

Infection: this is not very uncommon. It can occur in most patients, if not all. When the infection appears, it develops in the immediate post operative period. You may also notice tenderness and redness near the point of incision as well as the surrounding breast area. This is usually treatment with antibiotics.

Scarring: as in the case of any surgery, scarring is inevitable in gynecomastia; but, the significance is not much for most of the time. In rare cases, it is the scar around the areola that may be problematic.

Contour deformity: one may experience visible irregularities of the chest and breast skin, which may occur post surgery. A secondary surgery may be required to improve the irregularity.


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