Relation between Obesity and Diabetes

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Aug 23, 2011

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Body weight plays a critical role in relation to diabetes. A person can either be obese, overweight or lose that weight.


Obesity is one of the most common physical states seen in all age groups of people—children, young and old. It contributes to insulin resistance in the body and thus leads to an increase in the blood sugar level. It furthers the risk of heart attacks, hypertension and strokes that can, in turn, prove fatal.


There is, therefore, an attempt on part of the majority towards weight loss. Usually, obese people, with a higher waist circumference, are advised to lose weight. Exercise is a must, in case of diabetes. It helps improve the heart and the nervous system and internally, burns the unwanted fat, thus proving helpful for a diabetic, especially.


While many diabetics lose weight due to exercise, some go through the process of unintentional weight loss. This pertains to the lack of absorption of sugar by the blood resulting in the flushing out of this excess sugar. Apart from dehydration, this also leads to a low distribution of nutrients and energy to various parts of the body. The result is loss of weight. This is unhealthy.


A diabetic must, therefore, not mull over weight gain/loss and instead, opt for a balanced diet, exercise and proper and regular medication to keep diabetes under check.



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