What is the prognosis of a Pituitary Tumour?

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Apr 15, 2013

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prognosis of a Pituitary Tumour

Those people with pituitary tumors, who get proper treatment, the result can be very good, as the tumor can be removed or destroyed. The comeback stunt of a pituitary tumor, which can also be called recurrence, is a common worry for most people.

It is only natural for it to take some time before you come out of the fear, but many tumor survivors have learned to live with this uncertainty and are living full lives.

Unfortunately for some people, the tumor may never go away completely, and treatments may continue for most of their lives.  Learning to live with a tumor that does not go away can be difficult and very stressful. It has its own type of uncertainty.

Prognosis for this disease largely depends on the type of pituitary tumor, the size of tumor at the time of diagnosis and the extent of injury to the optic nerves and other parts of the body. The cure rate as per the type of tumor:

ACTH-producing tumor

For this tumor, the cure rate is 80% to 90% but if it has not enlarged beyond the sella turcica. If the tumor cannot be completely removed surgically, radiation therapy is often successful.

Prolactin-producing tumor

The medical treatment that is used for this sort of tumor is safe and effective in the great majority of cases, even when the tumor is fairly large. For those women, who are at the age of bearing a child see their periods disappearing, because of prolactin-producing pituitary tumor and medical treatment often restore fertility. When surgery is needed, success rates are very high in this case.

Growth hormone-producing tumor

It has been seen that approximately 60% of tumors can be cured with surgery. For those people, who are treated medically, octreotide relieves symptoms in most cases.

Non-functioning pituitary tumor

Much of this depends on the size of the tumor. Those people with small tumors that do not need immediate treatment or can be completely removed with surgery have an excellent prognosis. Even for large tumors that interfere with vision, surgery can stop further deterioration of vision.

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