Prognosis of Kidney Stones

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Sep 06, 2012

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Kidney stones can cause severe colicky pain. The prognosis of kidney stones is usually good and in most people they are removed from the body without causing permanent damage. Here are some more facts on outcome of kidney stones.


  • If a stone is formed, there are high chances that you may develop another stone in your lifetime. The stones tend to recur if the cause is not found and treated. People who have experienced the colicky pain of stone do not forget the experience and often know the diagnosis on recurrence of pain.
  • As some kidney stones tend to be hereditary, there is likelihood of it being passed on to the next generation.


Possible outcome or complications of kidney stones:

  • Decrease or loss of function in the affected kidney.
  • Kidney damage and scarring.
  • Obstruction of the ureter (acute unilateral obstructive uropathy).
  • Recurrence of stones.
  • Urinary tract infection.


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