What is the Prognosis of Encephalitis Lethargic?

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Jul 15, 2014

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  • In encephalitis lethargic a patient suffers from lethargy.
  • Treatment for the disease is symptomatic.
  • Prognosis for the disease depends on the symptoms.
  • The cause of the disease is still unkown.

What is Encephalitis Lethargica?

Encephalitis lethargic is a condition in which the patient suffers from high fever, headache, double vision, a delay in physical and mental response, and lethargy. If the case worsens, there are chances that the patient may also enter coma. Besides these, the patient may also experience abnormal movement of the eye, weakness in the upper part of the body, pain in the muscles, tremors, stiffness of the neck, and changes in the behaviour.

What is the Treatment for Encephalitis Lethargica?

The treatment for the disease is symptomatic. Levopada and few other Parkinson medicines often have some unbelievable responses.

Encephalitis Lethargic Prognosis


What is the Prognosis for Encephalitis Lethargica?

The outlook for patients suffering from encephalitis lethargic depends upon the symptoms and the following disorders of the disease.

Encephalitis Lethargica: The Epidemic

Encephalitis lethargic is an infection which has only occurred once as an epidemic form in the year (1916-1926). Although it has been forgotten largely now, the epidemic provided very useful insights about the brain functioning which are significant till date.

Encephalitis lethargic is popularly known as ``sleepy sickness’’. The disorder seemed to a curious disease in the initial phase but, later it turned out to be a simple disorder. After experiencing unease for some time, the victim experiences diplopia, deep somnolence, and at times mild fever.

Encephalitis Lethargic Prognosis

What are the Symptoms of Encephalitis Lethargica?

Encephalitis lethargic is usually recognized by high fever, soreness of the throat, headache, lethargy, double vision, sleep inversion, and catatonia.

What are the Causes of Encephalitis Lethargic?

Although the causes of the disorder are unknown, a research conducted in 2004 suggested that the disease was caused due to immune reaction.

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