What is the prognosis of Cheilosis?

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Sep 29, 2012

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Quick Bites

  • Cheilosis tends to sometimes, occur only on one side of the mouth.
  • It also usually involves both the sides of the mouth.
  • Cheilosis is caused by a yeast infection.
  • Yeast infection is caused by ill-fitting dentures.

Cheilosis refers to a painful inflammation as well as cracking of the corners of one’s mouth. It tends to sometimes, occur only on one side of the mouth, though it also usually involves both the sides.

Cheilosis prognosis

Cheilosis is caused as a result of a yeast infection. Moisture that gets collected in the skin’s folds at the corner of the mouth tends to give yeast the perfect environment to flourish. The most commonly affected people are those who have an ill-fitting denture that does not separate the upper and lower jaws far enough. Also those people who lick and rub also tend to irritate the corners of their mouth, developing cheilosis.

The prognosis of Cheilosis depends on whether its cause has been eliminated or not. If you wear dentures, visit your dentist regularly to make sure that they fit properly. You must also try not to lick your lips or corners of the mouth to improve the prognosis.


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