What parents can do to make winter safe for children

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Oct 30, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Make sure to get children dressed in multiple layers.
  • Boost your kid’s immune system with eating options.
  • Limit time spent playing outdoors.
  • Get them protected with a flu shot.

As winter approaches, dropping temperatures and cold winds pose health threats. Children's immune systems can take a hit if not enough is done to strengthen natural defences. With planning, parents can make children enjoy the cold season without worrying about winter health risks.

winter safety for children


How to make winter safe for children

Winter wear – Children love to play outdoors. Make sure to get children dressed in multiple layers (especially when they are to play outside). Include extra layers for legs, feet and hands. Winter cap and gloves are a must for outdoor activities as it is these parts of the body that lose body heat the most. If measures are not taken, winter climates can cause frostbite and hypothermia.

Healthy eating and hygiene – Boost your kid’s immune system with eating options. Make sure they are eating a healthy, balanced diet that includes fruits and vegetables. Yoghurt, oats, garlic, sweet potatoes and mushrooms are excellent immunity boosters. Apart from eating healthy in winter, ensure children use proper hand-washing techniques.

Indoor game options – Limit time spent playing outdoors. Consider activities in which children can safely move around inside the house. Look up for various active indoors activities on the internet. When weather is poor, do not permit children to play outdoors.

Get a flu shot – Don’t wait for winter and get your child protected beforehand. Go to your health care provider for flu vaccination for young children.


Don’t let winter to take fun away from children and make sure they stay active.



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