What if my Water is Leaking?

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May 02, 2011

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water leaking during pregnancy

Water bag or amniotic sac surrounds and acts as a protective barrier to the developing fetus. It acts as a protective shield to the baby from the outside environment. The amniotic sac or bag of waters contains amniotic fluid which is a clear, odourless and nourishing fluid. As the pregnancy progresses gradually the volume of amniotic fluid increases. Amniotic fluid is known for its protective and nourishing properties as it cushions the developing fetus from any outside distress or pressure on the abdomen of the mother. It acts as a good medium for movement of the fetus, promotes development of the muscular and skeletal system and helps protect the fetus from heat loss.

Break in the water bag

The risk of infection increases both to the mother and baby if the water bag breaks on its own, hence a woman needs to rush immediately to the hospital if water breaks during pregnancy. A break in the water bag can be in form of a sudden flow of fluid which is not controllable from the vagina. You can get confused in distinguishing between amniotic fluid and urine so make sure your bladder is empty. If your bladder is empty and you are still leaking then collect the fluid on a sanitary pad to check the colour, if it is yellow it is probably urine as amniotic fluid is colorless. Try controlling your pelvic muscles the one which we use to control our urge to urinate (kegel exercise) if it still does not stop probably your water bag has broken.

Call your ob-gyn immediately


Call your ob-gyn or rush to the hospital as they can evaluate the situation. If you suspect a water break, take certain precautions such as not having sex, inspecting with your fingers, douching or taking a bath to prevent any infections.


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