What is a Latex Condom?

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Jul 29, 2011

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Latex condomLatex condom is a birth control method for men. It consists of a sheath made from latex rubber which is designed to cover the penis during sexual intercourse to prevent unplanned pregnancy or transfer of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). They are the most uncomplicated method of contraception as there is no hormonal alteration in men who use as it is a barrier method of birth control. 90 percent of all condoms are made from latex because of its special characteristics.


Features of Latex Condom

  • It has a great tensile strength, i.e. capacity to be stretched. They can be stretched up to 800 percent before breakage.
  • The latex condom is tested for holes through electrical current before being packaged for sale.
  • Each batch of condoms are also subjected to testing for water leak and air burst.
  • Latex condoms have been tested to be the most effective in preventing pregnancy and transmission of HIV.
  • STDs other than AIDS can also be partially prevented with the use of latex condoms.
  • Latex condoms can be damaged if used with oil-based lubricants such as baby oil, mineral oil, cold creams, skin lotions, cooking oil, suntan lotions or margarine.
  • Latex condom allergy is the only problem in the use of this method of birth control.
  • There are many types of latex condoms available in the market catering to different needs of people.
  • Make sure that your condom is approved by appropriate government authority or just choose the most popular brand as it is the most tried and tested for protection against unplanned pregnancy.
  • You need to make sure that your condom is not expired before purchasing a pack. Never forget to check out the expiry date on the pack. The condom is likely to become brittle and break during intercourse if used past its expiry.
  • Latex male condoms are the most inexpensive and effective method for birth control.
  • Male condoms are relatively easier to use than others and mostly they are made of latex.
  • Apart from few side-effects such as latex allergy, latex condoms do not pose serious problems of this nature.
  • Latex condoms are very effective in preventing the transmission of HIV but only partially useful in preventing other STDs such as gonorrhoea and chlamydia.
  • Some people may develop latex allergy and for them condoms of other materials are recommended. They can be as effective.


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