What are Lambskin Condoms?

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Jun 17, 2011

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CondomLambskin condom is a natural condom that is made from a thin membrane of a sheep’s membrane. It is one of the oldest methods of preventing pregnancy. It has been in use for the past hundreds of years. There are several reasons why they are still preferred by many people over normal latex condom. Listed below are some of the advantages of lamb skin condoms.


  • Lambskin condoms are very thin, thinner than the normal latex condoms. Therefore, it gives a more natural feel as compared to any other condom. It feels like next to wearing nothing at all;almost like second skin.
  • Many people are allergic to latex. For those people, lambskin condoms are a good option. In case you or your partner is sensitive to latex, lambskin condom can be a great choice as they are made using natural material.
  • As lamb skin condom is made from animal skin, it transmits more body heat as compared to latex condom. Therefore, it preferred by people by those looking for intense sensual pleasure.
  • Lambskin condoms, also known as sheep skin condoms are absolutely safe to be used with water as well as oil base lubricants. On the other hand, latex condoms can only be used with water base lubricants.
  • Lambskin condoms are biodegradable.


There are a couple of drawbacks of lambskin condoms which are listed below.


  • Lambskin condoms do not prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). They have tiny pores in them. The pores are not big enough for sperms to pass through them therefore it provides effective protection against pregnancy. However, it is not as efficient as latex condoms when it comes to protection against diseases like HIV or herbs. Thus it is not safe to be used for protection against sexually transmitted diseases or  STDs.
  • It provides no protection against the dangers related to oral sex.
  • As compared to latex condoms, lambskin condoms are more expensive as they are made using an animal product.


Lambskin condoms have been in use since centuries. However, better alternatives are now available in the market. After considering the pros and cons of lambskin condoms, you can decide for yourself if lambskin condoms suit your needs or not.  


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