What is the difference between hiking and trekking?

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Aug 18, 2017

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Quick Bites

  • Trekking includes more physical exertion as compared to hiking.
  • Hiking is relatively short on duration, a day or two.
  • Hiking is done in natural trails while trekking is done in mountainous areas.

What is the difference between hiking and trekking? Many a time, people get confused between the two. Well, there is a huge difference between hiking and trekking and the health benefits vary. However, knowing which one is right for you; totally depends upon your choice of results as both have different health impacts. So here is a little comparison that will help you know the difference between hiking and trekking and based on this comparison you can choose the right one for you. Take a look! 

The difference


Trekking is somewhat a combination of walking and hiking but done in mountainous areas. Trekking also involves hiking journeying through risky steep mountains, sometimes in remote locations for adventure. It is for the purpose of adventurous.


Hiking is done in natural trails, in woods or wherever there is flat a trail. Unlike trekking, hiking mostly has plain trails to enjoy, amidst nature and scenic beauty. It is more of a slow walk that one does while enjoying breeze, the beauty of nature.

Health benefits


Hiking is best for your heart health; it lowers the risk of heart diseases along with working on your blood pressure and sugar levels. Since, it involves walking; it strengthens hamstrings, glutes and leg muscles and bones. It also strengthens your core. It helps you lose weight.


Just like hiking, trekking too is a great workout for your cardiovascular fitness and has almost similar health benefits as hiking but in an intense level as it includes more physical exertion as compared to hiking.



Hiking shoes, water, a hiking pole and compass. A bagpack is mandate with medicine, if it is an overnight hiking and survival kit and food.


In trekking, survival kit is the most important thing to keep. Trekking boots, camping gear, compass, extra set of clothes depending upon location you are trekking in like in mountains, you will need different clothes, food etc.



Trekking can last from a week to a month and sometimes more than that. The duration of trekking depends upon the location and dexterity of the trekkers.


Hiking is relatively short on duration, a day or two.

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