Understanding What is Hypersomnia

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Aug 30, 2014

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Quick Bites

  • Hypersomnia is a sleep disorder.
  • Hypersomnia makes it difficult for someone to stay awake.
  • It could be for various factors such as less sleep at night.
  • It could be fatal under certain situations such as when you are driving.

While insomnia is a common term which means the inability to sleep, hypersomnia on the other hand is a condition wherein a person has trouble in staying awake; which basically means a condition of excessive sleepiness.

People suffering from hypersomnia can fall asleep at anytime, which means that an activity such as driving can be very risky for them. Such people can also suffer from other sleep related problems which include lack of energy and also trouble in thinking clearly. Quite surprisingly it is not a rare disease, as up to 40 percent of the people have at least some symptoms of hypersomnia from time to time. One of the main symptoms of having hypersomnia is excessive daytime sleeping, which means your days roll away with a lullaby. This has been found to be higher in men when compared to women.

understanding hypersomnia

Why Hypersomnia?

One potential cause for hypersomnia is a sleep disorder which is known as narcolepsy, or daytime sleepiness, and also sleep apnea which means interruptions of breathing during sleep. Apart from these two, other reasons could be as follows:

•  Not enough sleep at night, which is also known as sleep deprivation.
•  If the person is overweight.
•  If the person is using excessive drug or alcohol.
•  If a person experiences a head injury or any neurological disease.
•  Certain prescription drugs can cause this.
•  A person’s genetics.

what is hypersomnia

It is absolutely important for you to visit your doctor if you are sleeping excessively during the day. You will have to furnish your sleeping habits to your doctor and your sleep cycle needs to be defined well. Then you may also be asked to run some tests so that your doctor is absolutely sure that it is not caused by any underlying disease. Also, a brain test can be done which will monitor the activities of your brain.

You can be prescribed various drugs for getting rid of this problem. These drugs include stimulants and antidepressants and as well as some newer medications. There can be two types of hypersomnia, and you may be suffering from any of these two. One is the primary hypersomina, the second is secondary hypersomnia.

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