What is a Female Condom?

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Jun 03, 2011

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CondomFemale condom is one of the barrier methods of contraception. It is a polyurethane or latex pouch that is fitted inside vagina to prevent conception. It is designed in a way so as to fit conveniently in the vagina, with more flexible ring at the closed end and a larger ring at the open end. The smaller ring at one end keeps the condom in place. This helps to keep the skin of penis and its secretions away from vagina and cervix.

Women allergic to latex or polyurethane will not be able to use female condoms. The female condom does not affect the male or female reproductive organs otherwise since it is a barrier method of birth control and does not involve alterations in the reproductive function. As soon as you stop using the condom, the possibility of getting pregnant arises. Like the male condom, the female counterpart is effective in providing protection from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) to an extent. Bear in mind that the protection is never 100%. There is always a chance of transmission of STDs if you have multiple sexual partners.

The female condom has more or less similar functions of contraception but the studies on the male condom are much more extensive. According to the American Pregnancy Association, when people use the female condom in the most typical way, the failure rate is 21%. Since 21 women out of 100 using the female condom are likely to get pregnant, you always feel like doing something to increase the effectiveness. It can be done by using the condom along with spermicidals. These can be in the form of cream, jelly or foam. Always be alert to any symptoms of pregnancy and immediately take a pregnancy test if you do experience any.

The female condom, like its male counterpart is the only birth control method in which there is some chance of sexually transmitted diseases being reduced. Since it is a barrier method of contraception, you can purchase it as an over-the-counter drug, i.e. without a prescription. You can control the use of this contraceptive. Moreover, the female condom is considered less likely to lead to allergic reaction compared to the male condom.

Comparing the female condom to it male counterpart brings us to a conclusion that it might be preferable to use the latter. This is because it is not only less expensive but also has a better success rate of preventing pregnancy. The only advantage is that allergic reactions are lesser as compared to male condom.


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