What is the expected duration of Parotitis?

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Jul 13, 2011

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Quick Bites

  • In parotitis, one or both parotid glands are inflamed.
  • Common symptoms of parotitis include swelling and pain.
  • Treatment depends on the underlying cause.
  • Mumps needs symptomatic treatment for about 10 days.

Parotitis is a medical condition of inflammation of one or both parotid glands (a major salivary gland located on either side of the face). There can be many reasons for the inflammation of parotitis, including infection, drugs, radiation and various diseases.


parotitis duration


One of the most common causes of parotitis is obstruction of the salivary duct or poor oral hygiene. Medications that cause dry mouth such as some antihistamines increase the risk of parotitis.

The symptoms of parotitis can vary among individuals. Some people with parotitis may not realize they have a disease, while others may have severe swelling and pain. As a result of the inflammation, there can be swelling of the tissues that surrounding the salivary glands, along with redness and soreness.  The condition affects the function of salivary glands and cleansing.

Parotitis can be treated successfully with medications and one can lower their risk of developing parotitis by practicing good oral hygiene, drinking plenty of fluids, washing your hands, and receiving the MMR vaccine to prevent mumps. Seek immediate medical care for serious symptoms such as a high fever and difficulty breathing or swallowing.

In most people, parotitis responds to treatment depending on the underlying cause. Bacterial parotitis responds to antibiotics within a few days. Mumps needs symptomatic treatment for about 10 days. Parotitis due to salivary stone or tumour responds following surgery for the underlying cause.



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