What to expect before a Stent?

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Jul 26, 2011

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Quick Bites

  •  A stent is a small tube which is used to treat narrow or weak arteries.
  • The stent supports the inner wall of the arteries.
  • Tell your doctor if you have any medical conditions like diabetes, kidney diseases etc.
  • Follow the medicines prescirbed by your doctor.

A stent is a small tube which is used to treat narrow or weak arteries. A procedure called percutaneous coronary intervention which is sometimes referred to as coronary angioplasty is used to place a stent in an artery. The stent supports the inner wall of the artery after months and years after percutaneous coronary intervention.

The stents are either made of metal mesh or fabric. Stents of fabric are also called stent grafts and are used in larger artrities. The medicine coated stents which are known as drug-eluting stents are released into the artery to prevent the artery from getting them blocked again.

What to Expect Before a Stent Procedure

Stent procedures usually require an overnight stay in a hospital. Somebody from the family is also required to be with you. A patient should ask his or her doctor important questions before going for a stent procedure. Ask your doctor when to stop eating and drinking before coming to the hospital. Which medicines should or shouldn’t be taken on the day of the procedure and when to come to the hospital and where to go.

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People with medical conditions like diabetes, kidney diseases should ask their doctor if they need to take any extra care or anything during or after the procedure to avoid the complications. Before the procedure, your doctor will recommend you the medicines you would likely need to take after the procedure. These medicines will in preventing the blood clotting in the stent.  Ask your doctor for how long you would need to continue with these medicines.


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