What is the duration of treatment for Vitiligo?

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Feb 04, 2013

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As vitiligo is chronic and difficult disease to treat the duration of vitiligo treatment is usually long. Factors which determine the duration of treatment are;

  • Extent of disease (like patients with few spots respond faster and better than patients who have more spots).
  • Size of spots (patients with smaller spots respond faster and better than patients who have larger spots). At times very large spots may not respond
  • Patients with vitiligo spots on one side of the body tend to respond better than people who have identical spots on the other side (Bilateral Symmetrical).
  • Spots on the finger tips, lips, corner of the mouth may not respond to treatment and may require long term treatment to get controlled.

If the treatment if going to be beneficial patients may show improvement within initial four months (like there may be re-pigmentation or the spread of vitiligo may slow down).
Homoeopathic remedies can offer wonderful and miraculous cures in many patients with vitiligo.


It is better to consult a healthcare professional homeopath rather than self-medication as it is a chronic disease. An experienced homeopath can probably assess your symptoms better and select the best homeopathic remedy.



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